Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Henry Kissinger? Henry K? Were you surprised when Bob Woodward reported that our former Secretary of Mistake was now advising President Bush in secret on the Iraq war? No? Well, neither was I. I was prepared for the return of Henry K by the movies of my youth. As a Bela Lugosi fan - for those born too late he was the Dracula or all Draculas - I am reluctant to apply the honorable vampire appelation to Kissinger, but there is no doubt that like Dracula, Kissinger cannor die and lives on the blood of the healthy young. I had assumed that he had gone into that vampire rehab found in conservative think tanks and the Charlie Rose show, but if he had, he has had a predictable relapse. Having long ago used up his supply of fresh blood in Southeast Asia, he has turned his voracious appetite for the good red stuff to the Middle East. He now tells us that "the only exit strategy is victory." As ever, his notion of a victory defies all logic, accomplishes nothing but the prologation of tragic errors, and requires the deaths of thousands of our young.

Speaking of our young, and as the father of two sons, I feel qualified to do so, what are we to make of the Foley scandal? Plenty. The see-no-evil Repedophile party, led by that perpetually bewildered high school coach Denny Hastert, is trying to juggle this hot rock so it will not be too badly burned in the coming election. They are hoping that Foley's excuse that he is gay and was molested when young will help cool this down. It won't. Gay people no more molest children by being gay than straight people do by virtue of being straight. It is a separate pathology, unfortunately, one that is rarely cured by rehab, so toss in the alcohol and the twelve step program a la Mel Gibson for better cover. What is most striking about the Foley matter is his sponsorship of anti-pedophile legislation in the past. and his power as a Repedophile fundraiser. Many of the recipients of his largesse are tossing the hot money back, but the Repedophile National Committee will be keeping his booty for use in this election. As a former coach Hastert knows that winning is everything. And he is backed by his President who shares this ethos. It was Hastert who managed to declaw the Ethics Committe in Congress in an effort to save Tom DeLay, so this refusal to acknowledge the lurid emails of Foley can come as no surprise.

This Repedophile party is so busy protecting embryos from stem cell research, and women from abortions, that they have little time to protect those who have actually been born and live real lives. Their love of the young stops at the actual birth of the child, the cut-off point for concern. The connection between the exploitation of the young sexually by a Congressman, and the exploitation of the young in war is not so strained. Both are about the uses and abuses of power, and our Repedophiles have abused their power more than any other American group in living memory.