Tuesday, August 16, 2005

BUSHED? Yes, but ---

I don't know about you, friends, but for me George Bush is above all our most exhausting President. That's why I haven't posted a blog in a few months. Worn out by what I see. Robotic in his governance, Bush cannot stop, he cannot change, he does not wear out, wear down, he keeps on going - our own demonic energizer bunny. Despite the loss in public confidence he pursues his old policies - never doubting - never re-evaluating - just marching along to his own drum beat, singing his upbeat war songs and his social security blues. He is that smiling, aggravating child - the one who won't listen, won't learn, and won't change - the child who knows that if he continues in his willful ways, you, the adult, will eventually be too tired to try to stop him. This man, who has never been accountable for his acts, depends not upon the wisdom of his acts but upon the weariness of his opponents to win the day.

Well, if that courageous mother of the soldier son who died in Iraq can keep her long, hot vigil outside of Crawford this summer - Crawford being the hell on earth that Bush has condemned himself to - his way to deny global warming - more than ever we are all obliged to catch our breath and keep going. Let's face it. It's not very complicated. This is a bad man who has led us into bad times, and it will take all our resolve to extricate ourselves and our country from its present sad state. Bush and his cronies would like us to believe that we are powerless to stand against him, and there appears to be some justification for his belief, because despite his lowest poll numbers he manages to push his legistlation through with the help of a weak opposition Democratic party.

Sadly, I watch my own Senators, Hilary Clinton and Charles Schumer cozy up to Bush's Supreme Court choice - John Roberts - another man who puts a happy face on repressive views. We are told there is nothing we can do to stop this nominee from reaching the court, so let's all be collegial and give a welcoming cheer for him. Well, there is plenty that we can do - the boring stuff of writing our representatives - joining others in a fight to keep the court free of ideologues who wish to turn this country back to a world without civil rights - one which only has privilages for those who can afford them. So let us all take a deep breath and keep going forward. We really have no choice, do we? There isn't time for weariness anymore, even for a young guy like me.